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Formerly known as GlyphoCleanse

GlyphoDetox provides advanced detox and defense against pesticides and other agricultural and environmental toxins. Powerful natural detox binders help safely eliminate pesticides including glyphosate, and block their storage at receptor sites throughout the body.*

GlyphoDetox  combines four powerful ingredients that work together to provide broad-spectrum support against specific pesticides and other toxic compounds following environmental exposure.*

This advanced detox formula is designed for everyday use to remove common agricultural and environmental toxins from the body, and prevent them from being stored throughout the body. Ingredients in GlyphoCleanse compete with specific toxins and compounds at key receptor sites, effectively blocking their absorption and storage within organs and tissues.*

Soluble fibers and mineral-rich kelp provide additional benefits for digestion, microbiome balance, thyroid function and other areas of health.*

Broad-Spectrum Toxin Defense Blend:

  • Glycine: Competes with the common pesticide glyphosate to prevent uptake and storage in organs and tissues. Glycine also promotes the body’s production of “master antioxidant” glutathione, optimizing natural antioxidant and detoxification functions.*
  • Sodium Alginate: Binds to toxins in the GI tract, including pesticides, herbicides, and environmental toxins, allowing for safe elimination.*
  • Kelp: Binds negatively-charged toxins like fluoride, bromide, and chloride, and other pesticides and environmental toxins, for safe removal. Iodine in kelp competes with these toxins at receptor sites, preventing them from being absorbed into thyroid and other tissues.*
  • Citrus Pectin: Binds toxins in the gut, including DDT, radioactive compounds and others, as well as cholesterol. Supports healthy gut microbiome and GI tract integrity.*
GlyphoDetox (EcoNugenics) Supplement Facts

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement for intensive support, take 3 capsules on an empty stomach, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

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