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Purchase a bundle of Megasporebiotic, Megamucosa, & MegaPre Prebiotic as part of Microbiome Labs' Total Gut Restoration program.

The Total Gut Restoration Kit contains:


Leaky gut occurs when cracks or holes develop in the lining of the intestinal
tract. These holes allow toxins and unwanted particles to enter into your
blood stream and weaken your immune system.

If you have leaky gut, it is important to follow an approach that addresses the key layers of a healthy gut. The Total Gut Restoration system can help fix your gut in 3 simple steps.



Reconditioning the gut changes the environment so that it favors your
beneficial gut bacteria. MegaSporeBioticTM can change this environment by
changing the acidity in the intestines, limiting the presence of harmful
bacteria, and producing metabolites that feed beneficial bacteria.


MegaPre Capsules

The gut microbiome is a very dynamic environment so it’s important to
reinforce the beneficial changes from MegaSporeBioticTM by feeding friendly
keystone bacteria. MegaPreTM contains short-chain carbohydrates, known as oligosaccharides, that have been shown to selectively feed
beneficial bacteria and enhance gut restoration.



In a leaky gut, the protective mucosal layer breaks down and allows toxins to
tear through the intestinal lining and into the blood stream. MegaMucosaTM
contains key amino acids to help your body naturally rebuild your protective
mucus layer and immune cells to help fend off any unwanted toxins during
the rebuilding process.

A healthy gut microbiome is multi-faceted and relies heavily upon 3
fundamental aspects of gut health including the microbial population,
physical structures, and immune function. For this reason, therapies that only
address one layer are often ineffective.

This system was uniquely designed to
target all three of these areas to help you achieve Total Gut Restoration.


Week 1:

  • One capsule Megasporebiotic every other day

Week 2:

  • One capsule Megasporebiotic daily

Week 3-4+:

  • Two capsules Megasporebiotic daily

Week 5:

  • Two capsules Megasporebiotic
  • Three capsules MegaPre daily

Week 6-8+: 

  • Two capsules Megasporebiotic
  • Six capsules MegaPre

Week 9:

  • Two capsules Megasporebiotic
  • Six capsules MegaPre
  • 1/2 scoop MegaMucosa added to 16oz water daily

Week 10-12+:

  • Two capsules Megasporebiotic
  • Six capsules MegaPre
  • 1 scoop MegaMucosa added to 16oz water daily

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