D 1,000 IU D3 MEGA D

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D 1,000 IU D3 MEGA D

When vitamin D is chronically deficient, 1,000 IU per day is the basic supplementation level recommended. Most bloodwork on patients will dictate supplementation between 1,000 - 6,000 IU per day.


The human body naturally produces vitamin D3 from skin exposure to the sun. Due to seasonal changes in daylight, use of sunblock, working indoors, sun avoidance, and other various reasons, a lack of sun exposure leads to vitamin D deficiency.

Modern research now confirms vitamin D’s function as a unique hormone, which helps to modulate pain and inflammation, and supports proper blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular health, joint health, bone health, mental health, and immune health. Very conservative amounts of vitamin D were recommended in the past to prevent the disease Rickets. The new research now demonstrates that we need much higher amounts of supplemental vitamin D3 (4000-10000 IU) to raise 25(OH)D in our body to acceptable levels for disease prevention. These higher amounts of required supplemental vitamin D3 are directly related to modern man’s lack of sun exposure.

Supplement Facts

D 1000 IU Vitamin D3 (Anabolic Laboratories) Supplement Facts



One capsule per day; recent investigations into the safety and efficacy of vitamin D3 indicate more vitamin D3 is required during the winter months and periods of cloud cover. It is advisable to raise the daily dose to 1000 IU, year round.


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