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MegaMetalliQ is a dietary supplement powered by SmartGuard™ technology and designed to support the body’s natural processes for eliminating certain unwanted elements in the body.

It contains patented Lactiplantibacillus plantarum DSM 33464, which can attract specific undesirable elements in the intestine and help to support their removal via the digestive tract.

It provides support against the build-up of unwanted elements in the body.

  • Free from GMO, lactose, and fructose
  • Formulated in a friendly powder format to easily mix into drinks
  • Supports your body’s natural drainage process for removing unwanted elements
  • Supports the removal of unwanted elements in the gut
  • Think of it as a deep clean for your insides

Isomalt, Nutriose® resistant corn dextrin.

Isomalt is blended in after fermentation to ensure the bacteria's stability and viability during and after the freeze-drying process.

Isomalt is also widely used as a stable, low-glycemic bulking agent and is a prebiotic carbohydrate that may support a healthy luminal environment of the gut mucosa.

Additionally, it can be metabolized by specific Bifidobacterium species, supporting healthy butyrate concentrations.

Supplement Facts

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Mega MetalliQ Intake Instructions:

Dissolve 1stick pack per day in liquid and swallow.

One unit contains 30 stick packs = 6 0grams; For use for one month.

Store intact in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

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