PhytoFlora Microbiome Support

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PhytoFlora Microbiome Support is a plant nutrient prebiotic formula that provides flavonoid-rich polyphenols from pomegranate and citrus to promote a healthy gut microbiota composition while protecting the gut mucosal barrier and enhancing gut immunity.

Orders of PhytoFlora Microbiome Support may ship labeled as PhytoPre by Ortho Molecular Products, an identical product under the Ortho Molecular labe.

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The non-fiber formula feeds the gut bacteria which subsequently nurtures gut epithelial cells while producing little fermentation, providing a safe option for individuals with gut flora imbalance or small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO).

Polyphenol-based, non-fiber prebiotics can provide essential nutrients to the gut lining without producing bloating as a side effect, helping to reestablish a healthy mucosal barrier and to restore the gut terrain.

Using the power of plant phytochemicals, Phytoflora supports microbiome diversity, inflammation, and healthy aging.

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-Contains the same MicrobiomeX citrus bioflavonoid complex as MegaMucosa, yet in unflavored capsule form.

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