Prebiotic Diversity Trio (Sunfiber, Phytoflora, and Floraspectrum)

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Prebiotic Trio contains 3 unique prebiotics that can be rotated, mixed, or alternated to support a wide range of microbial diversity in the gut for long-term gastrointestinal wellness.

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The average diet is vastly deficient in prebiotic fiber. The diversity of prebiotic sources is also low, yet critical to maintaining a diverse gut microbiome and balanced immune response.

Supplemental prebiotics can be essential to overcome the lack of diverse food choices at the grocery store and subsequently in our diets. The wider the diversity of prebiotics, the more diverse strains of healthy bacteria that can be maintained in the gut.

Even the most well-intentioned and clean diets can be deficient in prebiotic variety.

  • Sunfiber contains PHGG (partially hydrolyzed guar gum) which is a great "starter" prebiotic for those with sensitive guts, or fear of bloating. 

    PHGG is non-clumping and tasteless. It is easily mixed in water, yogurt, soups, or smoothies. PHGG is certified as FODMAP-safe for early protocols that remove prebiotic starches and slowly add them back.

    A low-FODMAP diet is not intended as a long-term dietary plan and a plan to reintroduce prebiotics is necessary to maintain microbial diversity and a healthy gut. PHGG is a great option to start with.

sunfiber powder

  • PhytoFlora Microbiome Support contains highly researched MicrobiomeX citrus bioflavonoids and Pomanox pomegranate extract to support the health of gut flora and the gut lining. Easy capsule intake avoids flavorings/sweetness found in other powdered products that contain the extracts.

    Well-tolerated and not associated with bloating. Polyphenol plant chemicals like those in PhytoFlora are "non-fiber" -yet recently recognized to have important prebiotic benefits in addition to their recognized antioxidant and inflammation benefits. It's a great adjunct to any gut protocol.

  • FloraSpectrum Prebiotic Fiber contains Beta-glucan, arabinogalactan, and inulin to support the immune system and normal levels of a wide range of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. The powder is pleasant tasting without additives or flavorings.

    It's also converted to beneficial short-chain fatty acids and associated with lower ammonia levels. SCFA levels are one of the best indicators of a healthy gut - and one of the best ways to self-promote continued gastrointestinal health. FloraSpectrum contains our most diverse mix of prebiotics. Start low and work up. If bloating occurs, back down on intake to a level tolerated.
sunfiber prebiotic supplement

The general, preferred order of introduction of these products includes:

1. Sunfiber
2. PhytoFlora Microbiome Support
3. FloraSpectrum Fiber.

Introduce each slowly to evaluate the response before liberally mixing or rotating prebiotic sources.

The products can be combined, mixed, and matched safely to promote overall microbial diversity in the gut - along with immune and mucosal benefits

Prebiotics often work in synergy with probiotics.

Try these prebiotics alongside SporeBoost IG to further help crowd out unwanted bacteria, support healthy processing of food, and recondition the gut.

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