A to Z Product List

Complete A to Z Product List:

Designs for Health
Enzyme Science
Four Sigmatic
Host Defense Mushrooms
Integrative Therapeutics
Klaire Labs
Master Supplements
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Microbiome Labs

Progressive Labs
Protocol for Life Balance
Pure Encapsulations
Symphony Natural Health
Zycal Bioceuticals

Simple Health Bundles


  • Biofilm (Lauricidin, Enzyme Defense Pro)
  • Brain (Lion's Mane, Pure Omega HP)
  • Gut (Megaspore, Lauricidin)
  • Overgrowth (Megaspore, Lauricidin)
  • Yeast (Lauricidin, RestorFlora)


  • Biofilm (Lauricidin, Enzyme Defense Pro, Activated Charcoal)
  • Brain (Lion's Mane, Pure Omega HP, Lauricidin)
  • Gut (Megaspore, Lauricidin, Biotagen)
  • Overgrowth (Megaspore, Lauricidin, Interfase Plus)
  • Yeast (Lauricidin, RestorFlora, Candida Control)


  • Biofilm (Lauricidin, Enzyme Defense Pro, Activated Charcoal, Stevia)
  • Brain (Lion's Mane, Pure Omega HP, Lauricidin, Theracurmin HP)
  • Gut (Megaspore, Lauricidin, Biotagen, Critical Digestion)
  • Yeast (Lauricidin, RestorFlora, Candida Control, Megasporebiotic)

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